What is truth?

This blog attempts to promote good Christian theology. As a centrist, I do not allow myself to have a generalized conservative or liberal bias. I base my conclusions on the evidence alone. As such, my articles appear to run the theological gamut by sometimes straying from traditional beliefs or sometime wholeheartedly embracing them. The Church historian Bruce Shelley states, “In church history…orthodox Christianity is something purely denotative—referring simply to the majority opinion.” Is truth simply what the majority believe? Since truth is absolute, this cannot be the case. However, I do recognize that it would be foolish to completely ignore the work of the thousands of God-fearing theologians that came before me. I tread carefully, yet boldly. So, look through the various articles, ask honest questions in the comments, and allow yourself to think without restriction. You might just find yourself agreeing with more than you thought you would.